Dandelion Cafe

Dandelion Cafe at the Ralph S. O’Connor Building for Engineering and Science

Dandelion Cafe is rooted in a deep love for bringing happiness to our community with the help of delicious food and a friendly smile. Our lifelong love for people is the very reason Dandelion Cafe opened its doors in 2016 as a coffee shop where our community could sit back, relax, and enjoy delicious coffee in our garden-inspired venue.

The Dandelion Cafe offers a large menu made up of elevated breakfast options, lunch options, and high-end coffee. Knowing that the Rice community is very busy, especially at lunchtime, the cafe offers a variety of convenient grab-and-go items.

Retail Hours

  • Mon. - Fri. (7 am - 7 pm)
  • Weekend hours coming soon



Catering Menu

The Dandelion Cafe accepts Tetra Points - Lots of Seating - Outdoor Seating - Healthy Options