Wellness & Nutrition

Nutrition Information

The foods you eat can have a major impact on how you feel: a healthy meal plan can help increase energy levels, as well as affect your mood and help you deal with the pressures and stresses of being a student. It is important to take some time and consider the foods you are eating. The food served by Rice University chefs is 95 percent from scratch and prepared with student-health in mind.

Plate Method

The Plate Method offers an easy way to visualize a healthy lunch or dinner without having to count calories. It emphasizes the idea that “all foods can fit” as long as they are eaten in proper proportions. Posters of this method are present in the campus serveries to serve as reminders for students.

Allergy Awareness

FAAN (The Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network) is the most trusted source of information, programs and resources related to food allergy and anaphylaxis. FAAN serves as the communication link between the patient and others. Each Senior Operations Manager and Executive Chef in the serveries and kitchens are available to discuss any concerns related to food or food preparations.

Nutrition Help

The Rice Recreation and Wellness Center employs a nutritionist if students, faculty or staff desire specific nutritional guidance.

Food Allergens

Our kitchens are not food allergen free but we strive to maintain safe separation of ingredients when preparing our menu items. We label the Big 9 Food Allergens on our serving lines and/or posted menus. If you have a severe food allergy or a question about ingredients, please consult with the chef or manager on duty.

Special Dietary Needs

Halal meat entrees are available at Seibel Servery daily, North Servery serves Halal grilled chicken daily. Kosher meals may be requested and arranged.

Menu Subject to Change

Our goal is to provide an accurate listing of what is being served; due to seasonal availability, sourcing, shipping and other constraints, published menus are subject to change.

Plant Forward

Our plant-based journey has led us to "The Garden" which produces fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs that are highlighted on menus throughout the semester. The Betty and Jacob Friedman Holistic Garden provides a location for the Rice community to participate and learn about sustainable urban agriculture.