Graduate Dining

Rice University Dining department has worked in conjunction with the Graduate Student Association to create a meal plan for graduate students. This meal plan allows graduate students to pick up food from selected undergraduate serveries. The features of this meal plan are given below.

Choice of Plans

Graduate students signing up for the Graduate Meal Plan may select between the following options:


  • 85 lunches/semester: This is equivalent to five meals/week. Plan cost: $850/semester
  • 50 lunches/semester: Plan cost: $500/semester


  • 25 dinners/semester: Plan cost: $300/semester
  • 50 dinners/semester: Plan cost: $600/semester

Summer 2023 Lunch and Dinner Meal Plan

  • 25 lunches/summer: Plan cost: $250
  • 25 dinners/summer: Plan cost: $300

Graduate Students may also dine at all of the Public Dining options available to the campus community.