• Plant-based Options: Plant-based egg scramble, tacos, rice, beans and plantains
  • Scrambled eggs, egg whites, bacon, sausage patties, grab-n-go tacos and sandwiches, biscuits and gravy
  • Yogurt and Fruit Bar with plain Greek yogurt and plant-based coconut yogurt
  • Warm oatmeal or grits, fresh muffins and pastries

Lunch + Dinner*

  • Self-serve deli sandwich station
  • Soup & Salad Station: freshly made composed salads, build you own salad, fresh fruits and scratch made soups
  • Grill: Halal chicken, french fries, plant-based burgers, baked potatoes, sweet potatoes, and rotating specials
  • Pizza & Pasta: Selection of pizza, pasta, sauces; additional specials vary by servery
  • Sweets vary by location and may include anything from cookies and brownies to decadent cakes and pies

* Additional specials may be available at each Servery


Food Allergens & Special Dietary Needs

Our kitchens are not food allergen free but we strive to maintain safe separation of ingredients when preparing our menu items. We label the Big 9 Food Allergens on our serving lines and/or posted menus. West & Seibel have an allergen free sauté station free from the Big 9 food allergens. If you have questions please consult with the chef or manager on duty; to schedule a meeting regarding specific dietary questions or concerns please email us at

Halal & Kosher Dining

Halal certified meats are prepared daily and available at all serveries generally at the Mezze, Owl Masala or the developing Diaspora stations as well as the chicken at the grill. During Ramadan, meal times will be extended at one of the serveries to accommodate those observing.

Kosher meals may be arranged by emailing us at for more information. We coordinate wit ha local restaurant that delivers freshly prepared meals to campus. A special menu is available during Passover as well.

Weekly menus

Our experienced chefs write new menus for each servery weekly. We strive to provide accurate and updated information and details of what is being served each meal; however, due to seasonal availability, sourcing, shipping and other factors published menus are subject to change.

Plant Forward

Our plant-based journey has led us to "The Garden" which produces fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs that are highlighted on menus throughout the semester. The Betty and Jacob Friedman Holistic Garden provides a location for the Rice community to participate and learn about sustainable urban agriculture.